Thursday, March 26, 2009

Horse-drawn carriages should make a comeback

I have spoken for a long time on the idea that in order for this country to move forward, we must move backward. We, as a country, are loosing, or are in danger of loosing, that thing that made us a great country. Our work ethic, our industriousness, our love of "doing". Maybe we need to park the car, and saddle up thoses ponies again. "Save our AIr, Ride a Horse!" ...maybe that will be the next eco-friendly solution..

If those ponies and horses were to make a come back on a regular basis, perhaps it would force folks to slow down a bit, take a look around their world, and be grateful for what they have had, instead of looking for a bigger, better way to be lazy about life. It could also give way, again, to working with our hands.

Imagine, the bead work, leather tooling, blanket weaving that would be done again! I can't tell you how hard it is not for me to rampage at some Pow Wows I have attended, seeing the imported from China "junk" on peoples tables, or in stores. It gets sold to tourists who have no idea what they are paying for, and the Native American Craft Act gets thrown out the window. Skills, talents, and trades that made this country what it was, are now beng shipped out to China, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan. American workers are out of work. American hands are idle!!!! Are we lazy? Cheep? Whats happening to all the beautiful work that lays waste in our museums now? Will the future show that this is a missing generation from artistic history? Is there more to come, or will our future exhibits be labeled "Made in China?

Dust off that Rockwell, that Revere pot, and your Gramma Moses, you may never see American products again.

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