Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Graph Paper for Beading Looms

All of these bracelets were done with a loom. The center one was made by stripping buckskin and using it to replace the threads you would normally use for beaded loomwork. The blue and white glass "wampum" beads, ( not real wampum), were strung on with artificial sinew, and bucksin strips.

These pictures are of sold beadwork from my Pow Wow days...sigh,... I miss them terribly...

Free bead loom graph paper to print out. It should print out 8 x 10...


I found this paper on http://hubpages.com/hub/Free-Patterns-For-Loom-Beading. It's a pretty good website, with some free patterns that you may like. All credits go to that page. Check them out. To design a pattern, just use colored pencils!

Once the beadwork is complete. I sew it, ( not glue!!!), onto leather of some sort that is supple, like buckskin. beading needles are best, because they easily go through the leather with minimal effort. I have know folks who chose the glueing route. Its cheap, easy and has no pride attached to the work. Your work is a reflection of the pride you take in the doing, the love of seeing your work being worn 10 years later, like I have seen...It's a wonderful feeling..so, please, NO GLUE!!!!

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